Digital Strain Quiz

Free Digital Strain Quiz

Answer the following questions to better determine if you suffer from digital eye strain.

Report the severity of the following digital strain symptoms

Never = No Problems
Rarely = Not Perfect, but not uncomfortable
Sometimes = Irritating but does not interfere with my day
Very Often = Irritating and interferes with my day
Always = unable to perform my daily tasks

of any severity each week, usually getting worse later in the day
Stiffness / pain in neck / shoulders
when you work at a computer or read
Discomfort with Computer Use
in your eyes (redness, burning) after long hours looking at the screen
Tired Eyes
with increasing feeling of eye fatigue throughout the day
Dry Eye Sensation
feeling progressively more gritty/sandy while working at computer or reading
Light Sensitivity
especially with brighter, stronger lights like fluorescents or headlights
or an experience like motion sickness or vertigo

Your Results

Discussing Your Results and Treatment Plan

Thank you for completing our digital strain risk assessment. Your responses will assist our eye doctors at The Lotus Eye Care in understanding your vision needs better. Expect a follow-up from our team to discuss your results and explore personalized treatment options tailored to your needs.

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